Diagnostic Testing and Troubleshooting

For a small fee we will receive your computer device, check it for software and some hardware* defects, and return to you our prognosis and best choices available for your computing systems. We will provide such services at the request of the customer in as a timely manner as possible.

* We do not have a clean room facility, so not all hardware defects can be checked.

Some if the things we check for in our diagnoses: (Not Limited To)

  1. Missing Drivers
  2. Last time the system was used, and updated
  3. Obscured Non-System Running Proccesses
  4. Virus, Spyware, Spamware
  5. Fan Noises
  6. Hard Drive Noises
  7. Non-Working Fans

System Restore

Sometimes a computer is so far gone that the best solution is to perform a system restore and reset your computer to factory conditions.

We Will:

Restore the computer to default factory conditions.
Start up the system and ensure that it is running properly.

Spyware and Virus Removal

Spyware and viruses can cause annoying popups to flood your screen, preventing you from getting any work done. These malicious programs can also steal any personal information you type into the computer. If your computer has become infected, R&S Cellular Solutions can help you.

Our Technician Can:

Start scans and removal techniques to remove the spyware and viruses quickly.

Internal or External Device/Drive/Card Installation
Need a piece of hardware replaced? We'll take care of you.

A Technician Also Can:

Connect the device to your desktop or laptop computer.
Install device software and update any drivers.
Configure the device to meet your needs.*
Ensure the device is working properly.
*Does not include adding the device to a network.

Essential Security Setup and Optimization:

Every computer should have security software installed and updated in order to stay protected against viruses and spyware which can wreak havoc on your computer and also steal your important data.

A technician Can:

Install any security software you have purchased.
Install a top-rated free security software. (Can also purchase best choice of Anti-Virus Suites for you)
Remove unnecessary active applications.
Optimize computer performance.
Install critical updates and setup a computer to automatically
update Windows. (Requires internet connection).